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Zuckerberg called on employees to do harm to Apple

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As the battle between Facebook and Apple rages, the Wall Street Journal comes out By report New detailing Zuckerberg’s anger at Apple.

Zuckerberg has expressed concern for years that Cook has too much influence over the business of the social media giant, and his anger worsened in 2018.

The report states that one of the turning points in the battle was an interview conducted by (Tim Cook) in 2018 amidst Facebook’s Cambridge Analytics scandal.

In the interview, Cook declared that Apple would never have found itself in such a position, and called for well-crafted regulation to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

Zuckerberg responded by speaking publicly, describing Cook’s comments as spontaneous, fleeting, and not at all in line with the truth.

The report says: Zuckerberg was more cruel in secret, and he reportedly told his Facebook team: We need to inflict pain on Apple.

It was reported that in late 2020 Facebook had deliberately joined Epic Games in its legal battle against Apple.

And while the company eventually decided to remain neutral, it agreed to provide Epic Games with documents and assistance when necessary.

Recent reports indicated that Facebook was planning an antitrust lawsuit against Apple.

Facebook spokeswoman Dani Lever said in a statement: Apple’s offer to choose between personal services and privacy is a wrong trade-off, and Facebook provides both, and this is not about two companies, but rather the future of free internet.

She emphasized that small businesses, application developers and consumers lose under Apple’s new rules, and added: Apple claims that this is about privacy, but it is about profit, and we are joining with others to indicate their self-preference and anti-competitive behavior.

A Facebook spokeswoman denied that the dispute between the two companies was personal, and said: Facebook is intentionally standing up to Apple on behalf of companies and developers affected by the new policy.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Facebook and Apple weren’t always at odds, and during a 2014 interview, Cook referred to Zuckerberg as a partner while emphasizing the competitive threat posed by Android.

As tensions escalated over the ensuing years, Zuckerberg and Cook reportedly had a face-to-face meeting in 2017, and this led to a tense confrontation, the report says.

The report says: The tension between Facebook and Apple at present is so violent that the companies’ advisors, including the law firms and lobbyists, are concerned that they will not be able to work for both.

Apple has consistently increased its focus on privacy, and plans to launch a new App Tracking Transparency feature to the public soon.

Cook also continued to criticize Facebook’s business model, saying in an interview last month: Valuing sharing over privacy leads to polarization and violence.

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