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Zoom integrates games and makes meetings more relaxed

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Zoom intends to make its platform more interactive and, to that end, has introduced games on the videoconferencing platform, the company announced today. The games are not proprietary and are available on your Marketplace.

During meetings, your call hosts will be able to access games such as Live Game Night Poker, Kahoot and Heads Up and then choose whether they want to integrate any option into your video call. This is Zoom’s strategy to help foster a better corporate culture while capturing more potential users. In a world that has had to adapt to the pandemic, games via Zoom can help establish a greater connection between colleagues. Those responsible for the platform hope to increase the time spent on the platform.

As the site progresses the CNET, O Live Game Night Poker gives the option of up to ten people to participate in a card game.

Zoom has already announced that the marketplace currently has around 1500 games, however these must be downloaded and added individually to the meetings.

Zoom integrates games and makes meetings moreIt is the hosts who decide whether a call will have any games added as well as what title. They can do this directly from the App Marketplace, and all participants in the conversation are automatically invited to join the game.

At the same time, Zoom had also made available Zoom Events, whose main objective is to offer various virtual events to its users.

Zoom, lately, has also focused on providing integration with other collaborative work applications, such as Asana or Dot Collector.

In an interview with the BBC, Ross Mayfield, Zoom Product Leader for Apps, explained how he thought these platforms could be used in Zoom: “use apps to take notes, have whiteboards available, record items, and manage your tasks ”, makes work planning more methodical, he says.

Source: CNET

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