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Youtube with product identification tests

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Youtube is doing tests, namely the possibility of detecting automatic products in videos that are placed online. As of today, these tests will be expanded to everyone watching videos in the United States of America.

Although this type of testing has already taken place last year, Youtube said that there were so few tests carried out that now they have chosen to increase the number so that they can have a better sense of the results.

This new feature aims to identify, form and show a list of products (and other relevant ones) that can be seen in the videos. This possibility will appear in the middle of the recommended videos so that users can see it. The goal is to help users explore more videos about these products on Youtube.

Youtube with product identification testsHere for us, we think that these tests are intended to give Google a percentage of the profits of a profitable business, while helping to sell products online.

This option will work with an algorithm to identify videos about products that may be of interest to the user. I think we can even say that with this option YouTube will join the list of platforms that help sell products, therefore to the list of sales sites (such as Instagram). Who knows if it won’t be a big hit! As with all changes, you never know if it will be a success until you try it.

But we must also not forget that Youtube was originally created for users to watch videos, so we don’t know how upset some users might be with the possible attempts to sell the products. For some it may be a good buying opportunity but for others it can be an intrusion of the videos they want to see in peace.

Source: The Verge

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