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YouTube got notable changes in 2021

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Google usually makes constant changes targeting the YouTube platform, These changes are a mix of things, some designed to encourage content creators to create more content, while others are designed to help users get more out of the platform. Along with changes designed to help the platform itself make more money.

In this article, we take a look at some of the YouTube rules that are set to change in 2021 as well as some of the new features being rolled out.

Post ads directly to your videos

YouTube has tens of millions of content creators and more than 2 billion monthly users. The platform uses automated algorithms to suggest specific content to specific users based on various factors such as location, age, etc.

As a user, you should be aware that the Platform has the right to legally monetize every part of the Content. This includes ads that appear on videos that are not part of the YouTube Partner Program.

These ads are placed in the videos of users who cannot monetize their videos. And theSo all the revenue from those videos can go to the platform. This kind of earnings will not be shared with the video makers.

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Restrict the use of others’ information on YouTube

The platform’s policy refuses to collect information from others. This applies to using someone’s username or photo or asking users for their email address.

You need to explicitly request permission before using such information for an activity. This is so as not to cause harm to the person.

The Platform also advises content creators who administer contests to comply with the Platform’s Contest Policies and Guidelines.

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Improved video classes feature

YouTube Chapters feature was first launched in 2019 and it is getting stronger day by day. The feature allows you to quickly jump to a section of the video you want to watch, or re-watch a section of the video.

YouTube automatically puts chapters into videos. So the creator doesn’t need to set it manually if they don’t want to.

The company is also testing a new timestamp tool that will help content creators quickly place chapters in their videos.

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Shorts service launched in more countries

Google launched the YouTube Shorts feature in the year 2020 in specific markets in the world, including India, a feature that the company wants to primarily compete with the Tik Tok platform.

In 2021, Google expanded the service to include more countries around the world, including Middle Eastern countries such as the UAE.

In addition, it plans to pay $100 million to content creators who use the feature over the next year.

New Payments and Tax Controls

You have full ownership rights to any content that you upload through the Platform. However, Google insists on taking certain rights.

According to the latest update, it stated: By providing content to the Service. You grant YouTube a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, and sub-licensable license to use such Content.

This includes the reproduction, distribution, modification, display and implementation of the video you upload for the purpose of operation, promotion and improvement of the Service.

Google reminds YouTube content creators who are eligible to receive revenue payments that these payments are treated as withholding under US tax laws.

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YouTube Home Page Filter Options

In 2021, YouTube introduced new filtering options across the platform’s homepage. This gave users more opportunities to filter content.

For example you can watch videos related to sales if you regularly watch any of these content on the platform. But you can also watch lifestyle videos or recent videos.

However, this new feature is now only available in the English-language YouTube version. So if you want to see it you have to switch the platform language to English.

Youtube polls feature

YouTube has added a poll feature to get data from content creators and users to improve the service. After watching a video, a survey titled: How is YouTube doing today?

And you have the possibility to choose from multiple options. You may also see another question such as: Did you enjoy this video?

As a result, as a content creator, you should create good videos that educate or entertain others because this feature gives viewers more choices and builds a more powerful filtering algorithm.

YouTube also gives the viewer more control by allowing them to flag inappropriate or offensive ads that they think shouldn’t be shown across the platform.

More features of the mobile application

The data shows that the majority of users watch videos on the platform via desktop and laptop computers.

YouTube understands this, so it’s bringing features that were previously available in the desktop and laptop version of the mobile app.

Some examples of these features are metadata, dark mode, real-time analytics, and the ability to filter comments and other types of videos your followers are watching.

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