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YouTube exceeds 10 billion installs on Play Store

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The consumption of video content has exploded over the last decade with the improvement of global internet speeds, the introduction of 4G devices and access to smartphones/tablets. And, proof of this is the fact that YouTube, which belongs to Google, has recently reached a record: it surpassed 10 billion installations in the Play Store.

Apart from YouTube, only Google Play Services had reached this milestone, however it is not an application.

With over three million Android devices active at the beginning of this year, YouTube is installed on most Android devices sold outside of China. Contributing to this number is the fact that when you buy an Android smartphone, by definition, the application is often pre-installed.

YouTube exceeds 10 billion installs on Play Store

Youtube, according to Statista, ranks second, behind Facebook, in terms of the number of active uses on its platform. Facebook has about 2.29 billion active users.

As for the Apple Store, YouTube already has 40 million downloads, behind TikTok, which this year reached the milestone of 3 billion downloads.

Over time, YouTube has known how to reinvent itself and has launched new features recurrently. Recently, the company launched a new feature – “Super Thanks” – that allows users to support their favorite youtuber, through a spontaneous donation, which can vary between 2 and 50 dollars. In this way, content creators have one more way to earn money, while strengthening their relationship with the audience.

This novelty is already available in over 68 countries, and can be accessed both on the desktop, as well as on Android and iOS.

Source: Money Control

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