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YouTube eliminates videos with incorrect information about Covid19

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Google-owned YouTube recently removed 1 million videos related to Covid-19’s disinformation, videos that contained false cures or allegations of disinformation, since February 2020.

According to YouTube’s director of content, Neal Mohan, they are focused on removing all these videos, although he admits that they may be missing out on the huge amount of content that people actually see.

“Weak Content represents only a small percentage of our billions of videos we have on YouTube (about 0.16 to 0.18 percent of total views that violate our policies),” said Neal Mohan in a blog post.


“Disinformation has gone from the marginal to the mainstream. More and more disinformation is contained in the isolated worlds of Holocaust deniers or 9/11 advocates, disinformation now extends more and more to all classes of society, sometimes even destroying communities with truly mind-blowing speed.” .

Neal Mohan added that YouTube removes nearly 10 million videos each quarter, “most of which don’t even reach 10 views”, quick removals will continue to be important, but unfortunately we know they’re not enough given the huge amount of time. number of videos.

YouTube has been increasing information from trusted sources ​​and increasingly reducing the dissemination of videos with harmful disinformation in the fight against COVID19.

“For COVID, we rely on the consensus of experts from healthcare organizations like the CDC and WHO to track science as it develops. In most other cases, the misinformation is less clear,” said Mohan.

Videos that violate vaccine policy, according to YouTube rules, are videos that contradict the experts’ consensus regarding vaccines by health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).

Other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have also recently implemented policies to try to reduce the spread and reach of misinformation.

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