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YouTube announces a new series starring Will Smith

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Announced The YouTube platform for a new list of its series that includes some of the big stars, where Will Smith stars in the six-part reality series about physical fitness and returning his body to the best shape in his life.

During Best Shape of My Life, Smith tries to show how he became physically fit during his middle age.

Premiering sometime this year, the series covers the fun, inspiring and entertaining story of Smith as he challenges himself to improve every aspect of his fitness.

YouTube also has a four-part series explaining what happens behind the scenes with Alicia Keys as she records her new album.

The new series of series also includes the third season of Liza Koshy’s Liza on Demand, which focuses specifically on Asian American chefs, celebrities, activists and innovators to explore the world of public health.

There’s also a new special program called Barbershop Medicine that explores the intersection of race and socioeconomic status that resulted from the YouTubeBlack Voices box announced last year.

The YouTube platform has changed its approach regularly to original content since it started creating the originals nearly five years ago.

The original content started out as subscriber-only shows centered around creatives, and centered around ad-supported shows featuring major stars such as Kevin Hart and Will Smith.

The platform recently offered an even bigger mix, with most of the shows being widely available to anyone who visits YouTube.

However, big names, like Will Smith, guarantee views, provide credibility to the YouTube platform and give relief to advertisers who might be concerned about some of the platform’s content.

This series of original shows was announced in the middle of a presentation on YouTube to advertisers, as YouTube revealed that it saw a 25 percent increase in viewership in the first quarter.

It also gave advertisers a peek at its plans to make its platform more marketable, by introducing a new interactive feature targeting advertisers, called Brand Extensions, that allows viewers to know more about the product they are seeing on screen.

The new ad format urges the user to take action on the ad by clicking on the “send to phone” option, which sends the promotion to the mobile device without interrupting the viewing experience.

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