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Your comprehensive guide to shopping from Styli

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If you are one of those interested in shopping online, you must have come across Styli store, it is one of the most important online shopping sites that offers a variety of products,

Styli enables you to shop freely and safely and move between different sections to select the best modern collection of fashion, bags, accessories and everything related to the family.

And you can now shop from Styli website and get an additional discount when using styly discount code from the provider’s website.

Shopping from Styli Store

  • Enjoy a unique buying experience from the first store in Saudi Arabia, which includes a range of the best products that keep pace with the latest fashion trends.
  • Enjoy buying high quality products from the most famous international brands with warranty.
  • Enjoy all this plus discount codes Additional discounts on various product categories.

Styli Store Sections:

You can shop between the different sections of Styli Shop, which are:

  • Accessories Section:

Choose the most beautiful women’s and men’s accessories from one place, including hats, bracelets, earrings, rings, and others.

Choose from dresses, t-shirts, blazers, skirts and pants, and find a variety of fashions with different tastes for women’s and men’s clothing.

Shop a selection of distinctive sleepwear for women and choose the most suitable from a unique bouquet of sleepwear.

Choose from sneakers, classic shoes, casual shoes and athletic shoes.

In this section you will find the most famous international brands such as Nike, Adidas, Skechers, Puma, Converse and many more.

In this section, choose skin care and makeup products and enjoy various brands with special offers from the store in addition to the discount that you give the discount code from the Almowafir website.

How do you know the right size when buying from Styli?

The problem with buying from online sites is usually knowing the correct size. That is why you can rely on the measurement table that Styli follows to choose the most appropriate article for you:

  • Women’s clothing sizes on the website:

Your comprehensive guide to shopping from Styli

You can follow this form to take measurements of women’s clothing:

1625117595 238 Your comprehensive guide to shopping from Styli

  • Shoe sizes:

1625117595 771 Your comprehensive guide to shopping from Styli

Your comprehensive guide to shopping from Styli

  • men’s clothing:

You can follow this table for men’s tops (shirts/shirts)

1625117595 520 Your comprehensive guide to shopping from Styli

As for the jackets, follow these measurements

1625117595 215 Your comprehensive guide to shopping from Styli

As for pants and bottoms, here’s the table:

1625117595 280 Your comprehensive guide to shopping from Styli

You have to follow this chart for more accurate measurements.

1625117595 783 Your comprehensive guide to shopping from Styli

  • men’s shoes:

Your comprehensive guide to shopping from Styli

Take advantage of these measurements to find your right size and take advantage of the Almowafir discount code to buy the finest materials at lower prices.

Styli discount code from Almowafir

Almowafir is keen to offer a range of discount codes to its customers from various electronic stores, and one of the most important of these stores is Styli Shop. By using the discount code (ALM1), you will get a 15% discount on the value of your purchases.

Advantages of the Styli discount coupon from Almowafir

  • Save money when you use a code that saves 15 percent of the value of your purchases. There are some other codes that have a discount rate of up to 70 percent.
  • Buy the best and most famous international brands at lower prices.
  • Shop from the comfort of your home.
  • Choose what suits you according to the size charts and get a product of the highest quality and the right size.
  • Enjoy an excellent user experience with a simple website with an easy control panel for every user.
  • Take advantage of the free shipping service plus the value of the discount if your purchases are more than 100 riyals.
  • The site’s flexible exchange and return policy enables you to exchange or return products within 14 days.
  • Pay in the appropriate way with many payment alternatives, all of which are available when using the Styli discount code from Almowafir.

Use a Styli discount code

Styli discount codes from Almowafir are easy to apply to get an instant discount during the purchase process.

Follow the following:

  1. Choose from the codes available on the Almowafir website what suits you best.
  2. Check the offer details, as the codes are renewable, discount rates are variable, and sometimes offers like buy one get one free.
  3. Copy the Styli discount code.
  4. Once you click on the code, it will take you to the store page to shop as you wish.
  5. After completing the shopping and reaching the payment stage, paste the code in the space designated for it to deduct the percentage from the value of the purchases.
  6. Make sure to apply the code to get the value of the discount.

Then you can pay in the most appropriate way according to the many payment options available through the site, and then take advantage of the discount offered by Almowafir.

Shipping from Styli Store متجر

  • Styli store provides free shipping, this makes you able to shop freely. But in order to benefit from the free shipping, the value of the purchases must exceed 100 Saudi riyals.
  • If the purchases are less than 100 riyals, the shipping value of 10 riyals will be applied to delivery to any place.

Payment methods available from Styli

The site offers several payment methods:

  • credit cards
  • Styli wallet
  • About Mada in Saudi Arabia
  • Paiement when recieving

My money back if the purchases are returned

You can return the products within 14 days from the date of purchase, provided that the products are in their original packaging. You can receive your money immediately upon returning products by:

  • Deposit the amount in your own wallet via Styli.
  • Return the amount to the credit card in case of payment.

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