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You’ll never lose AirPods again with Apple’s news

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Apple is updating AirPods so those with hearing difficulties can use them to highlight conversations, as well as link Find My Network support for when you lose your headphones. The new features were announced along with iOS 15 at WWDC 2021.

Conversation Boost will use computer audio and microphones to focus the audio on the person you are facing. It will be possible to adjust this focus as well, within the settings, to narrow the “cone” of attention.

Siri can also announce information depending on what you are doing and where you are. If you’re at the supermarket, for example, Siri will be able to automatically read your shopping list.

Meanwhile, “Hand Disturb” and the new iOS 15 Focus feature will selectively filter or block all Siri ads. You will be able to select which apps are or are not allowed to use notifications while these modes are active.

Youll never lose AirPods again with Apples news

In Find My, there are new options for finding AirPods. As with the Apple AirTag, if you lose an AirPod, you’ll have the option to locate it on the map in Find My app. Apple uses anonymous Bluetooth connections with other devices to increase the likelihood of actually finding the headphones.

You can see the last location that was recorded through Find My Network, as well as have the headphones play a sound. This will happen even if they are inside the box.

Elsewhere, the newly announced Spatial Audio is also coming to tvOS, so with dynamic head tracking you can hear different elements of the mix. Macs with M1 will also receive support for Spatial Audio. Like Dolby Atmos technology, support for Spatial Audio in Apple Music is available today.

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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