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You can now install ‘Stdia’ for Android TV

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The application does not yet allow you to play Stadia games, and instead you will still be greeted with a “Coming soon” message. And that’s how Stadia for Android TV isn’t available at the moment, and below are some new places where you can use Stadia as soon as possible:

> On Chromecast with Google TV
> On officially supported Android TV devices
> You can also opt for trial access for unsupported devices.

For months, 9to5 followed the development of an Android TV application for Stadia, Google’s game streaming service. Earlier this month, Google announced that Stadia would be available to play on Android TV and Google TV devices on June 23rd. As detected by a member of the Android TV Reddit community, Stadia for Android TV is now available for download from the Play Store.

Still waiting, Google has officially launched the Stadia app for Android TV, allowing gamers to log into their accounts and play games on Android TV and Google TV devices of all kinds. Once connected, the app shows you how to connect a controller, leaving it ready to play.

The author of the article points out, and as seen in his hands, the experience is quite similar to how Stadia works in Chromecast Ultra and is totally different from how the Stadia mobile app works. However, before you see this message, you will be taken to a Google Account selection screen. This strongly suggests that Stadia for Android TV will support multi-account login, something the mobile app cannot do.

Notably, Stadia for Android TV has a different package name compared to the mobile app, meaning that they are two distinct apps with two distinct listings in the Play Store. In the new Play Store listing, we find a new demo screenshot showing support for group chat, another feature not yet available in the Stadia mobile app.

You can now install Stdia for Android TV

Another important difference between the two versions of the app is that the Android TV app uses much less space. While the Stadia APK for mobile devices uses well over 100MB of storage space, the Android TV app uses just 56MB. On devices with severely limited amounts of storage, like the Chromecast with Google TV, which has only 4.4GB available, this reduction is much appreciated.

If you have sideloaded the mobile app on your Android TV, you can still play from that app version until the Stadia app for Android TV starts up correctly on Wednesday. As these are considered separate apps, you can keep them installed side by side until then, but you’ll probably want to uninstall the mobile app later to save storage space.

Source: 9to5google

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