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Yorn: Vodafone launches campaign with excellent internet offer

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Vodafone is one of the operators that in recent years has launched very interesting packages, namely by launching an offer of internet, television and landline at home for €25 which allowed them to gain a good foothold in the national market (which in the meantime has increased but remains an excellent offer).

But one of the oldest brands of the brand is Yorn, aimed at the young audience and that from time to time launches some very interesting campaigns and, for this summer, it is again announcing a campaign that promises to make the competition tremble. Also because, as summer is coming, it is already known that we are away from home more time and more internet is needed.

In a promotional campaign released today, the Vodafone Announces Major Internet Increase for Current and New Yorn XL Customers, which allows you to enjoy more than 50GB per month, yes, you read that well, instead of the “only” 10GB that this plan currently offers. An internet boost of 40GB per month during the summer period, which will be valid during the months of June, July and August. Yes, you will have an extra 50GB per month to spend.

Yorn Vodafone launches campaign with excellent internet offer

This Vodafone campaign is exclusive to Yorn XL customers and has a current cost of €4.99 per week, and in addition to 10GB per month, there is still 15GB per month for some specific applications, such as Facebook, TWitter, Instagran, Spotify , tiktok, among others, and even 5GB per month for Amazon Prime Video, HBO Portugla, Netflix, Youtube or Twitch. For Yorn customers, until the end of the year, they still have free access to Tidal, music streaming, and Amazon Prime, in addition to 10 thousand minutes and SMS for Yorn and Vodafone and 5 thousand for other networks.

To activate this 50GB per month internet campaign in June, July and August, you will have to access the My Vodafone application, available for Android or iOS, then go to the “Promotions and Highlights” tab and you’ll find this new campaign that you can activate. Please note that if you are a Yorn customer, but not an XL customer, you can upgrade to benefit from the promotion.

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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