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Xiaomi smartphones increase brand loyalty

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More and more users are surrendered to Xiaomi brand equipment, which started as a brand with some cheap smartphones of a “white label”, is gaining more attention among users. A Chinese study shows that among the different brands available, Xiaomi smartphone users will keep the same brand in a future purchase.

According to the QuestMobile, 63.2% of respondents guarantee that they will continue with smartphones from the Xiaomi brand. At a time when there is an increasing offer of mobile device brands, more than half of users intending to keep the brand is undoubtedly a pride for Xiaomi and a recognition of the work developed by that brand with regard to the quality of equipment .

Surprisingly Apple, which until a few years ago led the choice of the Chinese, left the leadership and was even behind Oppo and Huawei, meaning that only 47.3% of its users intend to keep a smartphone of the same brand.


According to the study, the features of the Operating System combined with the quality of the equipment is the main factor of choice when changing or maintaining the smartphone brand. Another factor that can help in this loyalty on the part of users is the huge ecosystem of digital devices existing in Xiaomi. While Apple maintains its posture of closing its ecosystem so as not to allow the entry of other brands, Xiaomi is moving in the opposite direction, which seems to be giving results.

It is known that Xiaomi intends to lead the smartphone market by the year 2024. It is in this year that it intends to largely surpass its direct rival Samsung. In a path that is already showing evidence, the Chinese giant was the brand that more Android 5G devices sold in the second quarter of 2021 reaching the first place of sales in Europe.

Source: Gizchina

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