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Xiaomi: new MIUI 13 will arrive in August, possibly with Mi Mix 4

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Xiaomi is planning to launch its first smartphone with a camera under the screen later this year. It must be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 and it would be good if it reached the market, too, with a new version of the operating system, which should even happen, since work on MIUI 13 is already in its final stages. But when will that happen?

According to one of Xiaomi’s main directors, the new version of MIUI 13 is undergoing internal tests and could be launched on the market in August this year. The company has not yet released the exact date of the launch of MIUI 13, nor has it commented on this matter or on MIUI changes.

Considering that MIUI 13 is on its way and its release is scheduled for August, the announcement of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is also to be expected, possibly at the same event. It should be a truly top-of-the-range device, as this range tends to be, which will offer an OLED display with a dynamic refresh rate, a 5000 mAh battery, 120W wired fast charging and 80W wireless charging.

Of course, the announcement of MIUI 13 doesn’t mean that the update will soon appear on the company’s smartphones. Implementation will take place in stages (usually slowly) and Chinese versions of smartphones will take priority and only later will the update reach devices in the global market. It is expected that all models released in the last two years can be upgraded to MIUI 13.

Google released the first beta version of Android 12 at a Google I/O event last month. Then developers will have access to the second trial version of the operating system. In it, Google continued to improve the Android 12 experience and interface.

One of the main changes was the replacement of the “Wi-Fi” button on the quick settings panel; with the “Internet” button. By clicking on it; the user will be able to activate the Wi-Fi connection, select another network or switch to mobile data usage. Dual SIM device owners will also have the option to change their preferred carrier.

Another change is related to the privacy control panel. In the next version, it will provide users with a friendly interface to track which apps are using their personal data and how, a functionality similar to what we already have on iOS. The function will also allow users to find out for what purpose the software has requested access to their personal information. However, for the new feature to work, programmers will need to follow Google’s guidelines.

Now on Android 12, similar to iOS 14; the device’s microphone and camera activity indicators will be indicated when they are activated by the applications. The system will also inform you of applications’ requests to access the clipboard.

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