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Xiaomi may launch a mobile phone with a scrollable screen

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More and more brands are considering launching mobile phones with roll-up screens, and this type of device is increasingly accepted by different types of consumers.

Companies like LG and TCL have been working on roll-up screen technology, which can be used in a traditional way or “stretching” the screen.

Currently, there are two types of screens on the market, distinct from the traditional ones, those that close like a book, or those that close horizontally. Now Xiaomi wants to launch a patent that shows that cell phone rolled up.

LG was a pioneer in this type of technology, and developed the LG Rollable, however the device ended up not being successful, as the company stopped operating in the smartphone sector. More recently, OPPO ended up unveiling its OPPO X 2021, designated the world’s first roll-up phone.

Xiaomi may launch a mobile phone with a scrollable screen

So far only Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei and Motorola have launched folding screens onto the market, although it could become a trend. The price of this type of device is not affordable for everyone, as it can sometimes cost more than 2,000 euros. However, it is expected that, over the years, the price will become more affordable as the components to manufacture them will require less investment.

According to Xiaomi, the new device has a camera in the central area, so that the smartphone can be rolled up and slid.

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To slide the screen, the mobile phone will have the help of two engines, being the pioneer in this type of format. We still don’t know if the patent, registered in the USPTO, will pass the test phase and will be released. For now, we can only wait.

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