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Xiaomi is blocking their smartphones in some countries

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Xiaomi is one of the main current manufacturers, with a clear emphasis on smartphones that have grown a lot for some years now, placing now in the top places in the ranking. And if it is true that Xiaomi has a strong presence in Europe, this is recent and the company’s growth dates back some time, when most of the brand’s fans imported from China to have access to its price-quality.

Now, we no longer have this problem, it is easily possible to find Xiaomi equipment in physical stores, as well as in several countries in Europe, such as Portugal, there are physical stores of the manufacturer itself, demonstrating the desire to strengthen the relationship between the brand and the client. However, there are some customers that are being pushed aside by Xiaomi.

If it is true that online stores want to sell, regardless of where they are, there are some rules that must be followed, particularly when brands are present in countries that impose sales restrictions on some countries. And that turns out to be exactly what is happening. Some customers from Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Crimea are having their equipment blocked. Yes that’s right, unused.


In addition to the global restrictions imposed by Europe and the USA, Xiaomi itself has a reference in its terms and indications (possibly to comply with these restrictions) that its equipment cannot be sold in Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Crimea , and now the manufacturer has decided to do something about it.

According to the images released, what is emerging in these devices is the following message:

Xiaomi policy does not allow sale or provision of the product to the territory in which you have attempted to activate it. Please contact the retailers directly for additional information.

So how to solve the problem?

Let’s say this is the good thing about Android, as it is possible to make some changes and get around this issue. According to XDA Developer, users who have activated the smartphone in the regions where they bought it (ie authorized regions), have not had any problems with it yet.

However, what you can do is install a customizable ROM on your devices, which can find on XDA itself that is a specialist in this area and, in this way, to have its functional equipment again. At least for a while.

Source: XDA Developer

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