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Xiaomi bets strongly in Portugal and wants to reach all families

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If you follow the technology segment, you have certainly heard of Xiaomi, a Chinese brand that has grown a lot, starting in China and even before having a presence in Europe there were already many users with their smartphones in their hands, due to their excellent quality and price, thanks to the imposition of the brand itself in having a profit margin of less than 5%.

Although initially known for its smartphones, its offer on the market is already very wide, with more than 2 thousand products, although in Europe its offer is still not the same as in China. However, this is a step that the brand wants to take in Europe, officially debuting a local structure, led by Tiago Flores, Country Manager of the brand for the Portuguese market and that was not a snap in the words: the goal is to reach all families with at least one branded gadget.

It was today that Xiaomi held an event at its Colombo Mi Store, which made the local structure of the brand official, as well as the brand’s goals for the coming years. And, as it has grown a lot worldwide and in Portugal, it wants to continue to do so with clear and ambitious goals.

Xiaomi bets strongly in Portugal and wants to reach allStarting with the data already achieved by the brand, according to Canalys, it has already surpassed the third place in the world, just behind Apple and Samsung, but in Europe and Portugal it is better, with a 2nd place with a market share of 17% in our country, just behind Samsung. The great reference of the brand in Europe is Spain, where it has been leading for some time, and in the first quarter it had a 35% market share.

“We want to be the most connected brand in Portugal. We are already in the world and we want to be in Portugal ”, said Tiago Flores, continuing to say that“ in three years we want to be in 5 million homes in Portugal ”, and he wants to have at least 1 mi fan in each family.

But Xiaomi wants to go further, not only in Portugal. It is no longer just a smartphone manufacturer, with several products in the most varied areas, and it has officially announced that it will invest in electric cars, forecasting to invest 10 billion dollars in the next 10 years. Over the next five years, it plans to invest seven billion dollars in the development of the 5G ecosystem with IoT, an area that predicts the future of connectable products.

There are still many products that are not in Europe or in Portugal, but Xiaomi’s proposal is to bring more and more equipment to Europe and Portugal, and in our country new products will arrive in the coming weeks. The new Mi TV P1 Series televisions are one of the products to come soon and stand out for having the ability to control by Mi Home and Google Assistant.

The new Redmi Note 10 is also one of the products already on its way to Portugal, and the top of the range Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra can also be purchased in Portugal.

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