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Xiaomi announces that “Mi” will fall from equipment

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Xiaomi has a new plan to simplify branding on its products. Mi-brand smartphones will now just be called Xiaomi and will no longer include the word “Mi” in an attempt to simplify brand recognition.

“From Q3 2021 (September), Xiaomi’s ‘Mi’ product series will be renamed ‘Xiaomi’,” says the spokesman. “This move will unify our global brand presence and close the perception gap between the brand and its products. This change may take some time to take effect in all regions”.

Xiaomi is making the decision to dedicate its resources and its brand to two different product lines. The company said a lineup will be dedicated to Xiaomi products, aimed at those who want a high-end experience with more features like high-end smartphones. These devices are geared towards tech enthusiasts looking for their next high-end phone or tablet, without breaking it down just on the price tag.


On the other hand, Redmi phones offer lower prices in exchange for less powerful technology than you would find from other brands; think of people who just need an affordable device that can handle basic needs such as calling and taking pictures.

“This naming convention will also apply to our ecosystem and IOT products over time,” says the spokesperson, although the Mi brand logo will continue to be used in Xiaomi’s Mi Home stores for now.

This month’s announcement of the latest Mi Mix series phone served as a foreshadowing, as Xiaomi referred to it as the Xiaomi Mix 4. Previous phones were called the Mi Mix, the Mi Mix 2, and the Mi Mix 3 Also, the upcoming event in September is expected to change what we’ve called, until now, Xiaomi Mi11T to Xiaomi 11T.

The Mi brand was used extensively in Western markets, presumably for readability and pronunciation reasons – phones like the Mi 11 are already called the Xiaomi 11 in China, for example. But Xiaomi clearly believes that his company name is now recognizable enough and better represents his product.

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