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xCloud from Microsoft is coming to Xbox consoles

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Microsoft plans to let Xbox owners try out the games before downloading them later this year.

The new Xbox Dashboard feature allows console gamers to broadcast games through service xCloud from Microsoft immediately.

This is part of an effort to further integrate xCloud into the Xbox platform and into the Xbox app across Windows PCs.

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Later this year, we are adding cloud games directly to the Xbox app on PC, and integrating them into the platform experience in order to highlight all kinds of scenarios such as experience games before downloading them.

And Microsoft doesn’t detail all the ways xCloud appears across Xbox platforms. But trying out games before downloading them definitely opens up possibilities for Xbox owners who want to know what a game is like before they buy it.

Either way, using xCloud to allow Xbox gamers to quickly jump into games before downloading them will be especially useful on the first day of the game’s launch.

And given that games are over 100GB in size, it often takes hours to download them.

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Xbox games:

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, was careful حريص Ahead of the E3 event, Microsoft’s commitment to Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming was emphasized.

“We are the only platform at the moment that offers cross-platform, desktop and cloud games simultaneously,” said Spencer.

He added, “Others bring platform games to the PC years later, to get people to buy their devices up front and pay again to play on the PC.”

Spencer points to Sony and its ongoing efforts to bring more PlayStation games to computers years after its release.

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It’s clear that Microsoft prefers its own approach to simultaneous launch across multiple platforms and to be available via Xbox Game Pass on day one.

And speaking of Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft is also sticking to some sort of schedule of exclusive content for the service.

“We want to get to the point of releasing a new game every three months in terms of the overall lineup,” the company said. And we know that a thriving entertainment service needs new content all the time. Therefore the assortment continues to grow as our services grow.

Microsoft is not providing an update on Xbox Game Pass subscription growth yet. The service jumped to 18 million subscribers earlier this year, after growing steadily throughout 2020.

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