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Xbox 20-Year Easter Egg Discovered

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Twenty years have passed since it was released, nothing more natural than to expect more secrets around the original Xbox. But it turns out that this is not just the first Microsoft console, there are still some Easter Eggs hidden, but there is also a good chance that one of them has been discovered, in keeping with a recent disclosure.

This week, a developer who worked on the original Xbox contacted Kotaku to advance to the site to release a surprise that no one else had encountered before. “I really didn’t expect it to be found, unless the source code was discovered or someone engineered Dashboasrd,” the individual told the site.

For those who prefer to see the Easter Egg with their own eyes, it will be necessary to copy a CD to the Xbox hardware. Now, when the console asks you to name an album, type: “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”.

Xbox 20 Year Easter Egg Discovered

That is, Timmy, with 26 y (that’s when he realizes that nobody else had discovered this Easter Egg by himself). As Kotaku points out, there is no need to count the letters. Instead, fill in the entire field and replace the last letter with an exclamation point. Once this is done, open the settings menu and navigate to the “System Information” option. From there, the console will present a new credit screen listing the members of the Xbox Dashboard team.

“I decided to share it now, as 20 years have passed, and I thought it would be fantastic if people knew that it really exists,” the developer told Kotaku. “I also thought that if I didn’t do it now, it would probably never happen. It had been so long that I couldn’t even remember the trigger. I had to connect the Xbox and try a lot of things to be sure. ”

By the way, Seamus Blackley, the original Xbox designer, told Kotaku that he didn’t know about Timmy Estaer Egg before the site brought it to his attention. According to the designer, there is at least one last surprise that Xbox fans haven’t found in Microsoft’s nearly 20-year-old console software, but he hasn’t revealed how to power it.

Source: Kotaku

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