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Wrong medical information .. Facebook fails to limit it

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Facebook has failed to curb the widespread spread of wrong medical information on its platform, with misleading content generating an estimated 3.8 billion views over the past year, according to To report New social media company condemns.

The report, released by the US-based nonprofit group Avaaz, found that the spread of wrong medical information on Facebook far outweighs information from reliable sources.

The most popular misleading publishing sites receive four times the number of clicks compared to the number of clicks for agencies such as the US Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

Avaaz said the consumption of wrong medical information on Facebook peaked in April, when the severity of the coronavirus pandemic became apparent to populations in the United States and Europe.

In that month alone, disinformation sites attracted an estimated 420 million clicks on pages promoting deception and harmful information, such as the supposed treatments for the Coronavirus.

Plus the misinformation about ridiculous conspiracy theories targeting Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

Only 16 percent of the misleading or false articles analyzed by Avaaz display a warning poster from third-party fact-checkers on Facebook.

The report’s authors said: 40 percent of the clicks were made by 10 leading websites that display only misleading information.

Avaaz called on Facebook to notify users who have accessed controversial material by verifying facts, and to make more efforts to limit the spread of information from sources known to be misleading.

The Avaaz campaign manager said: This information makes the epidemic worse unless Facebook detoxifies its algorithm and provides corrections for everyone exposed to these lies.

Facebook said it has not seen the results from Avaaz, but the conclusions do not reflect the steps Facebook has taken to curb disinformation.

Facebook added, “Thanks to our global network of fact-checkers, between April and June, we added warning stickers to 98 million false information about (Covid-19), removed 7 million content that could lead to imminent harm, and directed more than two billion people to resources from health authorities. “.

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