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Windows 11 will present advanced settings in ´multi-monitors´

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When using two or more monitors with Windows 10, you may have encountered an issue where open programs or tabs are moved to a different location on the monitor or crammed onto a single screen when you leave the device paused for a while and go into sleep mode .

This display issue is understandably frustrating and has been flagged as an issue by many users on the Microsoft Feedback Hub. Fortunately, as detected in the ‘leak’ version of Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced a new feature that will allow the operating system to remember window locations based on monitor connection.

If you download and install the new version of Windows when it’s released later this year, you’ll have access to new video controls and multiple monitor issues will be completely fixed. This issue is a result of Rapid Hot Plug Detection (Rapid HPD), which affects multiple DisplayPort monitors and affects tabs and programs that were once neatly arranged.

Windows 11 will present advanced settings in ´multi monitors´In Windows 11, Microsoft has alleviated desktop rearrangement issues and users will be able to enable the feature in the display settings as shown in the screenshot.

In addition to application rearrangement improvements, there is another optional feature that will minimize your windows when the secondary monitor is disconnected. Enabling these two features can increase efficiency when you want to manage windows when working in multiple programs.

The compilation of this ‘leak’ has now given an interesting look at the new experience in this setting. On Windows, tweaking basically allows users to run applications side by side on their primary or secondary monitor, and we can easily have up to four applications. Windows is able to automatically resize windows when you drag them to different areas of the screen.

1624439141 905 Windows 11 will present advanced settings in ´multi monitors´With Windows 11, Microsoft will introduce a new tuning experience that can be accessed by hovering over an application window’s maximize button. As you can also see in the screenshot, the new adjustment experience offers six layouts (depending on screen resolution).

One layout allows you to run applications side by side and another option allows you to have three applications split on the screen. Of course, you can also have applications divided into four parts of the screen or you can give priority (extra area) to one side.

Windows 10 has been around for some time, but little has been done to improve the multi-monitor experience for users. And using more than one monitor in 2021 isn’t a rare thing either. And that’s how a growing number of users have asked Microsoft to do something about it in the Feedback Center and we can finally see the company making some effort. Windows 11 will finally introduce advanced multi-monitor settings.

1624439141 638 Windows 11 will present advanced settings in ´multi monitors´In short, and in recent Windows 11 ‘leak’, there is an option that allows the operating system to remember the location of each window based on the monitor connection, by leaving multiple windows open on both monitors, and when reconnecting a monitor or the wake up the PC.

This should potentially fix the problem of moving random windows or tabs or clumping all open applications on one of the monitors. Also, as soon as you disconnect one of your monitors, instead of moving the program to the monitor still connected, the operating system will minimize the application.

Source: GSMArena

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