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Windows 11 offers a high level of simplicity and attention to detail

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Microsoft released the first beta version of Windows 11 several weeks ago. A number of changes and features were discovered that the company did not announce directly after that. There is no doubt that the new version of Windows introduces the changes that users have been looking forward to.

The new changes are mostly cosmetic, changing the location of the Start menu, as well as providing new settings for the system’s appearance. And in between all these changes, it shows us how much Microsoft pays attention to the small details as well.

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Attention to detail in Windows 11

These details appear in many aspects of the system, and reflect major changes in design approach and fundamentals. Changes to the design details can be seen in very simple areas of the system, such as the “Checkboxes” check boxes that now display new effects when interacting with them.

Windows 11 offers a high level of simplicity and attention to detail

New and simple effects appear when dealing with the level of lighting and trying to adjust it. These effects, despite their simplicity, show how much Microsoft cares about the technical side of Windows 11.

Windows 11 offers a high level of simplicity and attention to detail

This attention to detail in Windows 11 reflects a feeling that the system is completely new, although the changes between Windows 10 and Windows 11 – as we know – are not huge, and in fact are mostly cosmetic changes, so it is natural for Microsoft to give all this attention.

Simplicity in system design

and declared Microsoft’s design team talked about this, and explained that these effects depend on “calm”, because it is something that everyone needs in our world today.

Microsoft has focused mainly on developing the famous ibda menu, in response to the desire of users for many years to re-design this iconic menu to provide a more efficient and less annoying user experience.

Indeed, the redesign of the Start menu was successful. The interface now offers faster access to the most important applications with the menu placed in the center just like the taskbar.

Windows 11 offers a high level of simplicity and attention to detail

Not only did Microsoft take care of the existing users of the system, but the new users as well. This was done by improving the user experience for the first time referred to as OOBE – Out Of the Box Experience.

Going back to the design, it is clear to us that the approach to designing the new system will be based on the rounded edges of windows and applications.

Besides, the system is based on an updated version of the Segoe UI Variable font, and Microsoft has teamed up with a specialized design studio to design the new Windows 11 wallpapers, Six N Five studio.

Perhaps things like design and shape are not generalized, and everyone sees them differently according to his taste. But the new Windows system has made distinct modifications, big or small, to the look and design.

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