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Windows 11 may be officially released on October 20th

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Microsoft continues to bet in the month of October to launch Windows 11. The software company had already commented several times about this launch taking place in October during its event last week. Although there is no official confirmation, the company’s marketing department is convinced that the launch will take place on October 20 this year.

Stevie Bathiche, an engineer on the Microsoft Teams team, even commented that he is looking forward to October to upgrade to 11. Everything indicates that it will be Windows 11, but there is also the possibility that it will be a new hardware release for the Surface ( Stevie’s desktop) or even the possibility of both releases being in the same month.

Moving now to the official information about this release. Microsoft only said that “this vacation” will arrive in Windows 11. Given that the company used the word “holiday” which means vacation or holiday, the launch can take place on several dates until the end of the year. Soon the company has not officially said a month, let alone a specific day.

Windows 11 may be officially released on October 20th

In the world of rumors and clues, October 20th is the day appointed as the launch of Windows 11. Most images about this launch already appear with the information of October 20th (are they official images?). If we search the images, it is also possible to find one with the date of October 6th (did they forget the number two to write 26 or is it to shuffle us?) Going back to the images with the date of 26, some even indicate the time 11.11 as the indicated time of release.

It is not yet known which equipment is eligible for the upgrade, but the company has already promised a publication with more details on both the software itself and the eligible equipment.

Source: The Verge

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