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Windows 11 app store increasingly useful

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Users are finally getting the apps they identify to at the Windows 11 store. The Microsoft Store is finally getting better in Windows 11. While there is still an interface overhaul and some speed improvements, the main change is to allow more apps to enter the store.

Applications like OBS Studio, Zoom, Canva, WinZip and Adobe Acrobat Reader arrived at the Microsoft Store last week, along with Microsoft Edge browser extensions.

The Microsoft Store is changing in Windows 11 and eventually Windows 10 to include all traditional apps. Previously, Microsoft only allowed universal Windows apps. Any app is now accepted in the Microsoft Store

What everyone expected an impossible thing has become true, now we can even see rival apps on the Microsoft Store, such as Steam or Epic Games Store. Windows head Panos Panay said the company is open to having the Steam or Epic Games Store on the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 app store increasingly useful

Much of the new store’s appeal to developers was to allow apps with their own systems to update, but also a move by Microsoft to allow developers to keep 100 percent of app revenue if they are used across different payment platforms.

This change doesn’t apply to games anymore, however it will take some time before we see Microsoft’s reduced cut in gaming revenue, which is expected to cut from 30% to 12% from Aug. 1st.

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While all these new app additions in the Microsoft Store are helpful, there’s still a lot of work to be done. The store is full of “useless” apps, with many fake apps and crapware still showing up in the search results.

Microsoft will take some time to clean this part of the store, mainly because the abandonment of developers was huge having the Microsoft Store outdated for a long time, many of these “useless” apps are now in the free apps section.

Despite being abandoned for a long time, the truth is that at the moment the Microsoft Store is definitely moving in the right direction after a decade of being totally ignored and misused.

Windows 11 app store increasingly useful

If the Microsoft Store can get to the point of having all the useful and popular apps among users, this will undoubtedly be a big improvement for Windows users who will no longer need to search the web to find an installer for one of their apps. favorites.

Source: TheVerge

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