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Windows 11 allows downloading Android apps from outside the App Store

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According For an engineer at Microsoft, Windows 11 users have the ability to download Android apps via the operating system from outside the App Store.

The statement comes after the company announced that it is providing Android apps for Windows 11 through the Amazon Appstore.

This means that once you start Windows 11, you don’t have to be bound by the apps that Amazon offers. But this raises some new questions about how Android apps work across Windows.

For example, it is not clear what the process of launching or installing an application downloaded from outside the Store is.

And Chrome OS technically has the ability to run apps from outside the Store as well. But the process Not easy, as it includes enabling Linux and using the command line.

About running Android apps outside of the Amazon Appstore, Microsoft said: Customers can discover Android apps through the Microsoft Store and get them through the Amazon Appstore. We will have more to share later.

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The desire to download apps from outside the Store via Windows would likely not be strong if Microsoft included the Google Play Store instead of the Amazon Appstore.

While it is clear that owning an app store gives Windows users access to many programs that they could not previously run on computers. Amazon has some notable shortcomings from its list.

And if a Windows user wants to run the Android version of Snapchat or Apple Music, they won’t be able to get them from Amazon.

And while apps outside the Store help solve this problem, they raise concerns of their own. Like where users get these apps.

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Windows 11 supports Android:

While there are unlikely to be hacking concerns with free apps like Snapchat. The ability to download APK may allow people to get paid apps for free illegally.

There’s also the question of security and whether Windows 11 is able to scan apps downloaded from outside the Store for possible malicious behavior, a feature Google has built into Android.

Obviously, there’s still a lot that Microsoft hasn’t covered about what Android apps will be like to run over Windows 11.

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But it is still useful to get the statements of a Microsoft engineer that the selection of Android applications will not be limited to what is found in the Amazon App Store only.

It is hoped that Microsoft will start sharing more details about how Android apps work soon. This is so you can get feedback from Windows users and Android developers before the feature becomes publicly available later this year.

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