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Windows 10 lets you tell Microsoft how to use your computer

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Windows 10 will soon give you different usage categories, such as: Games and Business, that tell the operating system how you plan to use the device.

And in the latest versions of the Windows 10 operating system, Appeared A hidden settings screen under the Personalization section called Device Usage, which contains six different categories for how to plan to use your device.

The device usage setting is optional, but when enabled, it allows you to specify different categories that correspond to how you use the following Windows 10 operating system:

  • Games: Play and discover games and keep up with new releases.
  • Family: Communicate with the whole family, edit security settings, and give everyone their own account with this device.
  • Creativity: Bring ideas to life from novels and presentations to photos and videos.
  • Schoolwork: Take notes, write articles, and collaborate on projects.
  • Entertainment: Watch videos, browse the web, and stay connected with social media platforms.
  • Business: Keep track of expenses, manage clients and manage your business.

After enabling the category, Windows 10 creates a registry key under each category that you selected.

It was thought that selecting a device usage category might cause Windows 10 to adjust your system based on the selection, and it was also believed that Microsoft would provide suggestions and application guidelines based on the categories.

But the company has posted more information about the feature indicating that it will likely initially focus on providing recommendations and guides through the Microsoft Tips app.

The company said within Release notes 21354 Preview: You can select all the ways you plan to use your device to get personalized suggestions for tips, tools, and services.

Microsoft Tips includes feature support where categories are listed in the app threads. Users hope that the company will expand this feature to include providing advice and adjusting default system settings based on the device usage.

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