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Will there be a Court on Facebook?

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Do you think it’s possible for Facebook to have a court? Law experts say yes, but is it that easy?

This option (which reminds us of a court) is part of a new Facebook panel that can go against Facebook’s own decisions to remove or block content (or even pages). This panel was launched in October but only made its first decisions in January when it stated that four publications that were removed were in fact mistakenly removed.

But now comes what we can call a real test of fire In the coming months this panel will decide whether Donald Trump’s blocked account can be restored, or whether it will remain blocked just as Facebook had decided.

Will there be a Court on Facebook

This situation aside, the existence of this panel is making some Facebook workers a little worried. Some believe that its existence and the possibility of it dictating different rules of Facebook itself may lead to the essence of Facebook as we know it today may disappear.

Other people also claim that the fact that Facebook starts to have this type of panels that will therefore exist under its own rules, just like a government giving its rules or laws to its people, can we now say that Facebook has its own government? There are people who defend this view of the situation, but will we reach this extreme?

Returning to the case of Trump’s Facebook page, this situation could test the limits of this panel, as it goes under the spotlight and may even throw some of the situations described above down, or perhaps create more rumors about the existence and capabilities of this panel.

It remains to wait for this decision and understand what will happen to both Trump’s page and Facebook itself.

Source: The Verge

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