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Will Sony introduce a Playstation 5 Pro?

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According to information around the internet, a new PlayStation 5 Pro model with support for 8K may be in development. Sony is currently poised to launch a wave of big revelations on today’s PlayStation Showcase live stream at 9pm, with rumors suggesting that games like God Of War Ragnarök or even a new sequel to Infamous could make an appearance .

On the hardware side, a thinner and lighter version of the PS5 was recently seen at a retailer in Japan and Australia, apparently responding to customer complaints. The lighter size and easier-to-attach bracket could be seen as an improvement over the original PS5 model, others pointed out that the revamped PS5 could get warmer due to a reduced cooling system.

As reported, a list of games and advertisements that could appear in tomorrow’s PlayStation Showcase live stream event has spread across social media, as described in the channel. Moore’s Law Is Dead on YouTube. Included in this list is the possible unveiling of the updated PlayStation 5 Pro console, which could be released sometime in late 2023-2024 and will cost around €700.


As rumors of the new PlayStation 5 Pro console are circulating online, gamers are still struggling to get their hands on the base model, with experts believing that processor chip shortages are causing such problems with PS5 availability continuing until 2022. That hasn’t stopped Sony from profiting from the PS5, and the company’s latest quarterly financial report indicated that Sony has sold enough PlayStation 5 consoles to meet its 2021 goals, despite the hardware shortage.

Rumors of a new model of the PlayStation 5 Pro are still just rumors as it is not expected to be announced on tomorrow’s PlayStation Showcase live stream. The new PlayStation 5 model with support for 8K graphics would be exciting news for gamers, even though many of the gamers are still trying to get the regular playstation 5 ready.

Source: wccftech

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