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Why Windows 11 comes with the Amazon Android App Store

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It’s been a while since Windows 11 was officially announced. This event was unexpected, especially since Microsoft has confirmed more than once that it will stop at Windows 10. The system will still receive semi-annual updates, but here is the company giving up that idea in exchange for a new operating system.

The announcement revealed an improved design in all respects. The iconic Start menu has changed, the icons are now in the middle of the taskbar, and the system is uncluttered and adopts an attractive design language based on semi-rounded edges instead of square ones. All of them were good and attractive, but the most important thing is the disclosure of Windows 11 support to run Android applications without the need for any emulators.

The introduction of Windows 11 feature to run Android applications has raised many questions. The first and most important is how this feature works. How can the system run other system applications? Later we learned that the process will be based on the Intel Bridge technology group. It is a technology that creates communication between the Windows 11 system and the working environments of Android applications.

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Windows 11 support for Android apps

And other questions arose on the same topic, specifically about the source of the applications. Is it possible to install the Google Play Store and download applications and games from it on Windows? The answer is definitely no. Where the user will depend on Amazon App Store. It is an Android app store that was intended for Kindle Fire Android tablets, and is now available for all devices.

It is known that the alliances between Google and Microsoft are really limited, on the one hand, and on the other hand, relying on the Google Play Store will make Windows devices linked to it, which is something Microsoft does not want in one way or another. Especially since Google and Microsoft are competing in a huge number of areas, whether software or hardware. Therefore, Microsoft turns to Amazon as a strategic partner for this task.

Since the launch of the Amazon store in 2011 it is constantly growing. Most of us probably didn’t know it was that old. Whereas in 2011 Google was still in its infancy. The store includes more than 500,000 applications and games for Android, and accordingly, Windows 11 devices will be able to run and download all these applications smoothly.

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On the other hand, a number of developers talked about that Windows 11 will be able to run applications in APK format just like our smartphones, but this comes in conjunction with Google’s announcement of its plans to change the format of Android applications to become AAB, and the new version will reduce the size of the application and increase performance, This is the positive side, but on the other hand, Google will be able to monitor applications and their download sources more and more effectively, which may threaten the arrival of this feature for Windows devices for one reason or another!

It can be summarized that Microsoft has cooperated with Amazon only because it does not want to cooperate with Google! Because this will not be in its interest, and at the same time Amazon is a strong partner for any company, and this is clear. In addition, Microsoft would like to exploit the Android entity as an open system, who knows, perhaps the cooperation between Amazon and Microsoft will extend to launch smartphones with Android and the Amazon store, and expand The same process in laptops and tablets with Windows!

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