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Why Signal is better than Telegram in terms of security

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Signal and Telegram compete for security conversationsBoth claim to be the best and safest.

But does Telegram offer a better level of security? This is what we are talking about today to determine the best in terms of security.

These platforms have seen a rise in the number of users after the recent WhatsApp problems, and the uproar that occurred about the new usage policy, which is now being implemented.

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Comparison of features between Signal and Telegram:

Before we get into the details, let’s start with a simple comparison between the two platforms in terms of the announced technical specifications.

Encrypting conversationsMandatory using platform protocolOptional using MTProto 2.0
The data the platform collects about youThe platform only gets your phone numberThe platform gets the phone number and stored contacts as well as the IP address عنوان
The available methods of communicationIndividual messages and group messages, as well as voice and video calls.Individual messages, group messages, message channels, as well as audio and video calls
Self-disappearing messagesCan be used for all conversationsCan only be used with Secret Chats
CUSTOMIZATION POSSIBILITIES limited and few wide and multiple
the cost FreeFree

The platforms can be installed on all major devices such as iPhones, Android phones, and computers as well.

Telegram excels in the presence of a web application that can be used on the computer without installing it, and the presence of an application for Linux systems as well.

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The difference in encryption of conversations:

The Signal platform relies on a technology that the company has developed in particular, which is called Signal Protocol, and it encrypts conversations between the parties by default, and this means that the conversation that reaches the platform is encrypted and cannot be viewed.

This technology is used by default in all different Signal chats, so this applies to individual chats or group chats.

But Telegram uses a different method to encrypt conversations, and this is because it does not use encryption between the two parties except in the case of secret conversations, and this means that the Telegram platform is aware of all messages transmitted through it.

Telegram groups can have up to 20,000 users at a time without encryption at all, but Signal groups can have up to 1,000 users and are encrypted like individual conversations.

Signal uses the same encryption method with video chats and voice chats, and voice chats in Signal can include up to 5 people together, and this is unlike Telegram, which does not use end-to-end encryption in conversations but encrypts conversations from one party, and this means that Telegram can You listen to video chats and voice chats through it, and Telegram voice chats can have a large number of users at one time.

Usage comparison between Telegram and Signal:

The use differs a lot between Telegram and Signal, and this is because Signal focuses on protecting privacy only without any additional features, unlike Telegram.

Telegram uses a variety of different features to facilitate its use and make the experience a little fun. In Telegram, you can change the font and color of the conversation, in addition to containing a lot of emojis, which you can add more to.

Telegram supports sending files of any size, which is why many prefer it for sharing files and photos in particular.

The Signal platform does not provide all of these options, but the company is working to make the experience of using it a little better as it started implementing animated icons in the latest update.

Final verdict:

When it comes to security, the Signal platform outperforms all competitors, and this is because it puts all its effort into securing conversations and hiding them even from the platform itself, and this is unlike Telegram, which provides this choice but only if you decide to use it.

So if you are concerned about security in the first place, the most suitable platform for you to use is Signal.

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