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Why is the $ 1,399 Surface Duo no NFC?

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A shipping date has been specified Microsoft Corporation Surface Duo in September 10The company has priced its Surface Duo, which comes with a foldable dual-screen, at $ 1,399, and at this price, the user expects a large set of specifications, but it is not the case.Removing NFC from Surface Duo is one of the biggest deletions.

The wireless standard is used for everything from mobile phone payments and public transportation to device pairing and more, but Microsoft explained why the device doesn’t have NFC technology, saying: “Surface Duo doesn’t currently offer NFC. And the role of any first-generation design is to focus on basic scenarios that solve customer challenges, and Surface Duo is designed specifically for mobile productivity, giving people new ways to complete complex tasks while away from computers. With this primary priority completed, we will listen to customer feedback and apply these what customers want to future product releases. ”

The company is really right to focus on the fundamentals of a first-generation product like the Surface Duo, so it’s quite understandable to skip features like wireless charging, water resistance, 5G networks, and an in-screen fingerprint sensor.

However, NFC technology has become a staple of many mid-range phones around the world, not to mention the flagship devices that sell for $ 1,000 or more. So those who want to click and pay at the grocery store or use NFC for public transportation will need to carry a second device as well.

Surface Duo also uses the Snapdragon 855 processor from last year, and a single 11MP camera at the front. But we hope Microsoft’s dual-screen software add-ons and focus on productivity will compensate for its modest specs.

Surface Duo, the first Android phone from Microsoft, has two separate OLED screens measuring 5.6 inches and a resolution of 1800 x 1350 pixels with an aspect ratio of 4: 3.

The two screens are joined together by a 360-degree hinge to form a larger 8.1-inch PixelSense Fusion screen with a resolution of 2700 x 1800 pixels with an aspect ratio of 3: 2.

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