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Why is Google making reCAPTCHA more difficult?

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Google offers reCAPTCHA to website owners. This is because it is a service that confirms that visits are coming from real humans and not by dedicated bots.

This is because these bots may affect the websites negatively. Especially when it comes to entering data and filling in the fields, this is because these bots may keep filling these fields with random data for different purposes.

Perhaps a large number of users around the world have noticed that reCAPTCHAs are becoming more difficult than ever. In most cases, users are not able to succeed in it the first time, even though they are human beings.

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Google makes reCAPTCHA difficult

reCAPTCHA is intended to differentiate between humans and robots. Therefore, their tests must be impossible to solve by robots of all kinds.

The main reason that Google’s reCAPTCHA becomes more difficult is the hackers’ success in overcoming the breach. As some models of robots have become able to pass the test.

Therefore, the difficulty of the test has been significantly increased. However, Google is keen to make the test at the level of any human being, taking into account factors such as age, education level, and language.

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At the same time, reCAPTCHA services are not only used to protect websites from unwanted visits. Yes, this is the main goal of it, but Google is benefiting from it in another way.

This is where the images that are shown to users to choose from on the other hand train AI models.

Most of the tests ask the user to identify images related to traffic signs, different shapes of motorcycles, cars, bridges, and pedestrian paths on the roads.

This data is used to train Google’s AI models, particularly those related to Google’s self-driving cars, which are being developed from a subsidiary of Alphabet’s parent company, Waymo.

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Various companies have worked on confirmation systems such as reCAPTCHA. However, Google’s system attracts millions of sites around the world because of its accuracy, and because sometimes it works automatically without the need to go through the test. This is because the system collects a lot of data in the background. The test is only shown when it suspects that the visit is from a bot or malware and not from a human.

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