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Why does LinkedIn no longer want Stories?

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LinkedIn is abandoning its Stories. The company will close the feature by the end of September, one year after its launch. In the end, ephemeral posts don’t fit neatly into all social media.

Perhaps with ROI and KPIs in mind, LinkedIn says its users want videos that remain on their profiles permanently, not ones that disappear.

“In developing Stories, we assumed that people wouldn’t want informal videos attached to their profiles and that ephemerality would reduce the barriers people feel when posting,” wrote Liz Li, senior product director at LinkedIn.


“It turns out you want to create long-lasting videos that tell your professional story in a more personal way and that showcase your personality and experience.”

As such, the company is going back to the whiteboard. It’s taking what you’ve learned from Stories (as users who want creative tools to animate videos professionally) to create a “reinvented LinkedIn video experience that’s even richer and more communicative.”

Virtually every major social network has joined the Stories movement after companies like Snapchat and Instagram have had great success with the format. While the feature has proven successful on sites like YouTube and Facebook, Stories hasn’t taken off on all platforms. Twitter recently shut down Fleets, its take on Stories, less than nine months after the feature’s release.

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