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Why companies are using more and more chatbots

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The advent of technology has caused companies to invest more and more in processes that can automate the company’s sectors. The use of robots is already a reality in production lines in the automotive industry, for example. And this is a trend that is expected to increase significantly in the coming years, with the arrival of 5G and the long-awaited 4.0 industry.

On a smaller scale, the use of technology has already made a difference for entrepreneurs and big brands that are automating their interaction with the public through chatbots. Some companies, such as Crisp.Chat, has fundamentally modified the routine of companies that have adopted the robot as a way to streamline some internal processes. In social networks, companies like Facebook and Twitter already use chatbots. But do you know what is behind this choice?

Chatbots serve several purposes, but companies typically use them to work in the area that serves as customer support. This tool facilitates the work of agents who are dealing directly with the public and helps to solve problems more quickly. It is an easier and more practical way to solve almost automatic problems, avoiding the wear and tear of the team. Robots are also used to do jobs that do not require a high level of interaction.

Why companies are using more and more chatbots

An example of this happens in The Economist magazine, perhaps the most important economics magazine in the world and which is accessed by millions of people every day, in different places on the planet. For those who want to receive daily and updated information, there is a bot that delivers content via DM via Twitter. In another feature, also on Twitter, a chatbot is responsible for initiating a conversation, with the right to a welcome message, in case of doubts about subscriptions or plans of the magazine. Everything 24 hours a day.

This is one of the biggest advantages of chatbot in relation to human behavior. Robots can have simultaneous conversations with thousands of people. It doesn’t matter what time of day or how many people are contacting you: each one will be answered instantly. Companies like Taco Bell and Domino’s, which have hundreds of stores and an extensive customer network, are already using chatbots to organize parcel delivery.

Studies in the USA show that we humans are restricted to the number of things we can do at the same time. The evidence after analyzing the routine of several professions shows that we can only focus on 3 or 4 tasks at the same time. And yet, the chance that mistakes can be made is high. Therefore, the level of performance with excellence must be reduced to a maximum of two occupations at the same time.

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Chatbots are increasingly present in the business world. It is clear that automation demands a financial cost and also to update the team, but today the assessment of specialists in technology and also in the job market is that this is a path of no return.

If a customer needs help with a simple question like “where are you located”, the bot can be trained to report the location of the store. If the customer needs real human help, the bot can also transfer them to a human support agent.

The benefits are so varied that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs still evaluate the best way to use chatbots. A business owner, for example, manages to reduce his company’s costs by using chat technology, while expanding his company’s business. Another positive factor is that the robot does not bother to do a repetitive task, for a long time, something that can be a problem when we analyze human behavior in the face of routine.

Companies are using chatbots because they make a series of daily tasks more convenient and faster. With today’s technology and people’s skills, you can program a chatbot to help in a variety of situations. And that is exactly what companies are doing.

Facilitate the ordering or reorganization of certain menu items, subscribing to news updates, throwing trivia or just something as simple as notifying a customer about the opening hours of a store. Chatbots do everything. If you have a company or brand, a chatbot can be the solution to many of your problems.

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