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Where is the iPhone most expensive? Brazil is the most expensive country, Portugal in the top 10

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We already know that, nowadays, top-of-the-range smartphones have already surpassed, let’s say, reasonable values, since to buy the best on offer we already have to spend more than €1,000. However, we already know that the arrival of a new iPhone always brings very interesting studies on the differences between countries and this one carried out by the Nukeni website is also very interesting.

Just a few days ago we published another very important reference: how many days it took to work to buy the new iPhone, and in this study too, unfortunately, Brazil stood out in the negative and, when comparing the prices of iPhones, too.

Now the site, to make a comparison as assertive as possible, converted the values ​​into Euros, since most countries where iPhones will be available do not use the Euro. Therefore, after this conversion, he compared all the countries where Apple has already made prices official and the result could not be more surprising, with Brazil standing out in first place in practically all equipment and variants.


By the way, only on the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Pro 128Gb, ​​Brazil is surpassed by Turkey, and in all other versions it ranks as the country where the iPhone 13 is more expensive, being followed by Turkey. It should be noted that, as we had already verified in the study on the days needed to buy the iPhone 13, the price of the new iPhone 13 in Brazil is almost double the price in the USA. For example, the 128GB iPhone 13 mini costs €619.31 in the US, while in Brazil the value is €1064.57, while the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max costs €1358.42 in the US, in Brazil it is €2500 .34€. Incredible.

It is true that we all know that Brazil has very high import taxes, in an attempt to force manufacturers to create production in the country, but this comparison is simply incredible, even because we are talking about a country where the minimum wage is very low.

Looking at Portugal, we find it in 9th place of the most expensive countries, and in the case of the iPhone Pro Max we are in 12th place, with the same values ​​as other European countries. Portugal just doesn’t have the most expensive price in the euro zone, because Italy has €10 more in the price of equipment, but, for example, in Spain the values ​​are €20 lower.

Regardless of the prices, we already know that it will continue to be a sales success around the world, regardless of the prices charged. Even in countries like Brazil and Turkey, where prices are much higher. You can know the price of iPhones 13 and 13 mini, and iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max in Portugal and Brazil following the links above. Enjoy and learn everything that Apple presented at the event and you can also see what was missing at the event:

Source: Nukeni

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