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WhatsApp Web gains support for voice and video calls: Learn how to do it!

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WhatsApp is one of the main chat platforms in the world, and it is rare to find someone who does not use this Facebook tool. As is common for these companies, this tool is available in the most varied options, such as smartphone, tablet or even on the computer, and even through the browser itself it is possible to use WhatsApp, but in the latter its use is very limited.

The mobile version of WhatsApp allows you to make video calls or voice calls, but the web version does not yet support them. Recently, it was announced that WhatsApp is testing the video call feature for the web version and this will soon be available to everyone. For now, you can use Messenger rooms for video calls that are immediately accessible and you don’t need to log in to your Facebook account.

However, images of users who already have access to this new feature on WhatsApp Web are already appearing, so it shouldn’t take long to be available to everyone.

The mobile version supports only eight participants and can be a little annoying for group members to make video calls on the WhatsApp app with less space and filtered crowd. Fortunately, Messenger Rooms allows you to add up to 50 participants in a group call, unlike the mobile version of WhatsApp.

Therefore, depending on how many people you want to place in a video call, it may be interesting to use Messenger, also from Facebook.

Note that Facebook only asks the host to enter their login details and the rest of the participants do not need to enter their account details. If someone doesn’t have a Facebook account or smartphone app, they can also join the group call. In addition, you can use Messenger Rooms on your smartphone and PC. The best part is that you can add up to 50 participants, which is great. Facebook allows the host to block or close the room, remove participants and even allow the option to “share screen” for everyone.

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