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WhatsApp temporarily retracts its threat to delete the account

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She said WhatsApp platform in a new statement published on its website: Users will not lose any jobs if they do not agree to the new privacy policy by May 15.

And she added: No one will delete their accounts or lose WhatsApp jobs on May 15 due to this update.

This differs from what the platform originally said in February, when it warned that failure to accept the new terms by the May deadline meant users were losing their jobs.

And theShe said The company at that time: We extended the actual date until May 15, and if you don’t accept by that time, WhatsApp will not delete your account, however, you will not have the full functionality until you accept it, and for a short time you can receive calls and notifications, but you will not be able to read or send Messages from the app.

Although WhatsApp has eased the threat over the deadline for accepting the new policy, it remains in effect.

The threats remain in effect from May 15 for new users and people who accept the policy.

The difference is that anyone who does not accept the policy now will not lose full jobs immediately, and instead, be shown a reminder to accept the new policy.

This changes after several weeks when this reminder becomes a permanent reminder, at which point the app’s functionality becomes limited.

Although users can still answer incoming calls and reply to messages by tapping notifications, they will not be able to access the standard chat list from within the app.

After a few additional weeks, users lose these limited functions completely, and WhatsApp says it generally deletes inactive accounts after 120 days.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said: We have spent the past several months providing more information about our update to users around the world, and at that time, the majority of people who received it agreed to the update.

He added: For those who have not yet had the opportunity to do so, their accounts will not be deleted or their jobs lost on May 15, and we continue to provide reminders to these users within WhatsApp in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has faced a backlash over concerns that it weakens the chat service’s encryption or allows it to share more personal user data with its parent company, Facebook.

However, the policy does not change the fact that personal messages between users are end-to-end encrypted, which means that only each recipient can read them.

Instead, it concerns messages sent to businesses and businesses via WhatsApp, which are stored via Facebook’s servers, and their data can be used for advertising.

WhatsApp shares some user data with Facebook, such as phone numbers, and it has done so since 2016.

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