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WhatsApp can work without internet

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Whatsapp started this week testing a new feature that could change the way the web version of the application works. These tests consist of the user using the service with up to four devices that are not mobile phones, without having the registered phone connected or connected to the Internet.

According to Whatsapp, the smartphone will always be the main device of the account, but to use WhatsApp on the computer or even on the tablet, the smartphone will no longer need to be connected to the Internet.

“Each additional device will connect to WhatsApp independently,” explained the messaging app. With this change, Whatsapp intends to make connections faster in complementary devices, since by “requiring the phone to perform all operations, the complementary devices are slower.

WhatsApp can work without internet

Currently, WhatsApp in the version we know already allows it to be used on more than one device, for example in a web browser, but as we know it always requires that the mobile phone associated with the account is connected to the Internet.

Whatsapp wants to end the restriction that only one device can be working at the same time.

In this new version it will be necessary to follow one more step by step: to turn on WhatsApp Web, the person must perform the biometric authentication, either with facial recognition or fingerprint on the smartphone.

This measure is intended to prevent unwanted access, to avoid duplication of accounts or even account theft.

WhatsApp will provide a list with all the devices connected to your account, so that when it senses that there is a strange device, the remote login can be automatically disabled.

If the app is inactive on the smartphone for more than two weeks, it will automatically turn off other additional devices.

There is still no official release date for this feature for all users. For now it is available for users beta, and in the coming months, WhatsApp plans to start adding the tool to a small number of users.

Source: TechCrunch

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