WhatsApp already works like AirDrop on iPhone

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Are you a WhatsApp user? There is a novelty. As much as you look for arguments, the truth is that Apple’s ecosystem is fabulous. In addition, the Cupertino giant has unique features in its system that allow you to easily share content.

If AirDrop is great for sharing content with those around you, now you can also do it via WhatsApp!

WhatsApp already works like AirDrop on iPhone

WhatsApp is one of the most used communication platforms worldwide. According to this year's information, this platform brings together more than 2 billion users worldwide.

Quickly share content on WhatsApp with a contact

This “new” functionality is not exactly new, as it was already available in the chat app. However, because of some bugs and instability it caused in the Apple system it was removed from the chat app.

Now, sharing content quickly with a contact has returned and is now available for iPhone.

To use is very simple. Just open a chat window, select the content to share and press the share button. Then just choose which contact you want to share.

Unlike AirDrop, which only works for users in your area, with WhatsApp you can share to any contact that is anywhere in the world. The functionality is very simple to use and the app usually suggests the most frequent contacts.

It should be noted that in addition to AirDrop, this type of functionality is also available in iMessage and even Telegram. If you still don't have this news on your WhatsApp, proceed to update the app. According to information, this novelty is available from version 2.20.80 that is already on the App Store.

Do you already have this version installed? Do you think it helps and simplifies sharing?

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