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WhatApp: After all, they will no longer limit functionality… but only for some

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WhatsApp has said it will not limit user accounts in India if they do not accept the privacy policy. The company made the statement in response to pressure from the Indian government to suspend its controversial privacy policy for violating Indian laws.

A WhatsApp spokesman said in a statement that the company is complying with the Indian government’s letter on the new policy, while reiterating that the update does not affect personal messages. “Its goal is to provide additional information on how people can interact with companies if they choose to do so.”

The spokesman said that while user accounts in India are not limited, the company “will continue to remind users about the update”. This will continue at least until India’s next Personal Data Protection Act (PDP) comes into effect, which aims to limit the collection of personal and confidential data. For now, the company maintains its position and refuses to withdraw its policy.

WhatApp After all they will no longer limit functionality… but

The new WhatsApp policy went into effect on May 15, initially stating that it would delete accounts that did not accept the new policy, and subsequently stated that it would immediately start limiting accounts that it did not accept. In the meantime, the “pressure” on users has eased again and decided that the limitations would not start on the 15th of May.

Although many were not happy with the change, WhatsApp said that “most users who have received the new terms of service have accepted them”. That said, competing apps like Telegram saw a huge influx of new users shortly after the policy was announced.

Therefore, taking into account the new information, users in India will not see their limited accounts, as announced by WhatsApp to users, but this is only for users in that country, since the same has not been confirmed by WhatsApp, which is a policy change towards all users.

Source: IndiaToday

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