What is YouTube Music and how to download it

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The YouTube Music application appeared recently, and it is one of the most highly anticipated applications, so imagine that you have all kinds of music that you prefer on one application, which is what YouTube can do, and it was announced in 2018, through which you can listen to the official songs, Albums, playlists, artists’ radio, remixes, and live versions of songs. Below, we will get to know more about the app.

What is YouTube Music and how to download it

YouTube Music service

As we mentioned above, it is a free service provided by YouTube through which you can listen to all kinds of music and also watch some clips or clips, but nothing else is available on the application except for music, and this is in return for ads and it is relatively short compared to other music applications such as Anghami and Spotify.

YouTube Music Premium is also available to remove ads, and to give you background listening on your mobile device, which enables you to exit the application and continue listening, and to also enable you to download songs and listen to them offline.

What is YouTube Music and how to download it

YouTube Music Inside

The application is characterized by a simple and wonderful interface in dark black as well as in white, and you can choose the theme you prefer.

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The application contains a search feature and you can easily find all the songs you are looking for. You can listen to the music that you liked on the regular YouTube application, making it easier to access your favorite songs and you will find them in the “My Likes” list organized from the most recent to the the oldest .

What is YouTube Music and how to download it

The application also contains a comprehensive catalog not only of official songs, but also contains remixes, live performances, covers for songs, and music videos for viewing as well, as well as after hearing any new type of music, music of the same type is filtered for you if you like That is as is usual in normal YouTube.

There are three tabs and they are the “Home” page, “Explore” and the “library”.

And the home page is a mixture of everything, whether likes, new nominations or mixes of songs.

The Explore feature allows you to easily find new music, such as new releases, in addition to some types of music according to mood.

The “library” tab displays your playlists along with any music you’ve brought from Google Play Music and any music you have on your smartphone. Whether you are using the web version or the mobile app, the music that you have imported from Google Play is available in both.

What is YouTube Music and how to download it

Anytime you like the song you are listening to, it will be stored in your likes box, for example if you like listening to Umm Kulthum’s music and you liked her, more songs from the East Planet will reach you, and if you do not like any song, you will receive fewer nominations Who is this singer or this type of song?

Download YouTube Music

You can download the app for free from the Google Play platform for Android from here .

You can download the app for free from the App Store platform for iPhone and iPad from here .

You can move through the browser to YouTube Music for free for Windows from here .

What is YouTube Music and how to download it

You can get one month free of YouTube Music Premium, and after that, you can register to enjoy music without ads, as well as download songs and listen to them while offline or continue to listen to music for free with ads.

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