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What is the difference between flagship phones and gaming phones

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Gaming phones are a relatively new type of smartphone. It has started to appear strongly in recent years, coinciding with the significant growth of the gaming industry.

These phones come with very high specifications and are highly integrated. But at the same time, regular flagship phones Flagships from companies such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and even iPhone phones are also coming with semi-integrated flagship specifications! So what’s the difference?

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What are gaming phones?

Gaming phones are in fact just ordinary smartphones, but with leading specifications on the one hand, and much more additions and capabilities than traditional phones. Smartphones have turned into a professional gaming platform since hardcore games started finding their way to smartphones, games like Call of Duty, PUBG or Genshin Impact.

Smartphones need the presence of a number of elements in order to become “game phones”. These elements turn it into a platform capable of running games at the best possible quality for long periods of time! Below we discuss them:

1 – Bigger screens, faster

The gaming experience wouldn’t be fun if it was on a small screen. Who would love to play a game on a small 5-inch screen? Almost nobody. So, since its first releases, gaming phones have taken care of providing the largest possible screen size. At the moment measurements are in the range of 6.7 – 6.9 inches, and these screens usually come with the best OLED type in terms of color and display, because no one, either, would like to play on a screen with a poor resolution.

OLED screens also contribute to energy savings, which is why they are an added bonus to any gaming phone.

This type of phones focused on another factor, which is the screen speed. Speed ​​is the refresh rate, that is, the number of frames a smartphone screen can display per second. Phones at the moment have reached numbers like 144 hertz. Hertz is the unit of measurement, and it represents the number of frames!

2 – Better headphones

Most of the time, gaming phones come with better external speakers in terms of sound quality and speaker placement. Usually, the headphones are positioned in places that allow them to output sound without the player’s hand preventing them from doing so. In addition, gaming phones come with stereo sound, that is, two speakers, in most cases.

3 – Gaming phones offer stronger internal specifications

Gaming phones need to provide the strongest possible specifications. For the processor -or chip SoC- and also for internal and random memories. The internal storage usually comes from the leading UFS 3.1 type, and the random memory comes from the leading LPDDR5 type. As for the capacities of these memories, they are up to 16/512 GB. Finally, as for the processor, you can expect the most powerful flagship processor of the year, for example, at the present time, you can expect the next gaming phone to come with a Snapdragon 888 processor, or even 888+.

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4 – Huge batteries and easier and faster charging

Gaming phones always keep delivering the biggest battery possible, that’s because you wouldn’t like to play for an hour and charge your phone for an hour! In addition to the huge battery capacity, gaming phones always offer very fast charging techniques, which may easily exceed 100 watts! With easy access to the charging port by placing it at the side of the phone instead of at the bottom, which is what appeared in some phones.

5 – Professional Accessories, Too

Most gaming phones offer external accessories that greatly change the gaming experience, and perhaps the most prominent of these phones is the ASUS ROG phone with its versions, which provided a wide range of accessories, including additional control buttons, an additional cooling unit, and more.

6 – Cooling techniques in gaming phones

The company that makes a gaming phone will expect you to always be playing! That is why gaming phones – and more than any other phones – come with the best possible cooling technologies, in order to reduce overheating, since the heat in electronic devices leads to three negative results, all of them worse than some, namely: difficulty of use, lack of performance, and reduced life default!

In addition, gaming phones come with attachable cooling accessories, or with controllable fans.

What are the most prominent gaming phones?

1- ROG Phone 5 from Asus
2 – Red Magic 6 phone from ZTE (specifically from Nubia)
3- Gaming phones from Razer
4- Black Shark phones from Xiaomi
5- Lenovo Legion phone

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