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What is roblox, how did it start and what are the reasons for its success

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More than half of all US kids under 16 played Roblox in 2020.

This interesting statistic reveals the success and importance of this game. it overwhelmed Suddenly and unexpectedly on newspaper headlines The Wall Street Journal And theThe New York Times And theCNN.

And then began searches for what Roblox is on the one hand, and its share on the other hand, in crazy inflation.

Famous personalities have also started talking about it. The fact that this happened relatively suddenly increased the importance of the game. It also increased the interest of users whatever their interest in knowing what it is, which is what we are talking about today.

What is roblox

Contrary to what most of us think, Roblox is not primarily a game but rather a platform through which the user can play games developed by other people.

This means that this platform works similarly to platforms such as Steam on PC. But it mainly focuses on children.

What gives ROBLOX its importance and distinguishes it from games and gaming platforms at the same time is that it relies on games that are developed by its users themselves.

That is, you use it to play a game developed by another user who plays games of other developers, or you may develop your own game.

According to the platform’s official website, users have successfully deployed more than 20 million games on the platform.

Why did you get all this attention?

We previously talked about the existence of this platform, and perhaps what we talked about is not enough to attract this interest. But what caught the attention of this platform is that all of its users – including children – are able to make huge amounts of money.

Some developers have managed to make up to $1 million by monetizing their games.

Although the games on the platform are free. But there are in-game purchases, which are those made with a currency called Roblox.

Once the developer has made a sufficient amount of ROBLOX virtual currency, it can be converted into real money through the DevEx program offered by the platform.

roblox stock market platform

It’s not just the developers who win, it’s the entire company. In addition to its percentage of sales, it was officially launched on the stock exchange last March.

Its stock made an excellent start with a price of $45, and at the close it reached nearly $70. The company was valued at $45 billion.

And to understand just how big ROBLOX is, this platform company is worth three times as much as Epic Games, developer of the well-known Unreal Engine, owner of the Epic Games store and owner of the game Fortnite.

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