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What is a bottleneck and how to avoid it

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Millions of professional gamers around the world rely on the PC platform to play. In addition, the personal computer is the main device for work and study. And a problem like a bottleneck anyone might encounter while assembling a new PC.

This problem occurs when trying to combine incompatible hardware parts with each other. The origin of this name is based on the literal meaning of the neck of the bottle.

It is explained by an example of pouring water. If water is poured from a bottle with a narrow neck, the water flows very slowly. As opposed to pouring water through a wide-mouthed cup.

The same thing happens between the internal parts of the PC in the event that they are not compatible. One piece can offer great power and energy, while other pieces can’t keep up.

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The hardware bottleneck

The problem mainly appears between two main components in personal computers. They are the graphic processor and the central processor.

Basically, these components work collaboratively, especially in the main purpose of large PCs, which is to run games.

This is because the CPU is mainly involved in running games, as it receives data from the game, processes it, and then sends it to the GPU graphics card. If there is a huge difference in capabilities between the two pieces, a bottleneck occurs.

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Impact on gaming computers

It is not different in its concept for gaming computers, but in its importance. As the convergence between the graphics processor and the central in gaming computers is very necessary.

Based on the water example above. In gaming computers, the player needs to get the highest possible number of frames per second (FPS) to get the best experience and outperform his competitors.

Here, one of the two components “pours” the data that contributes to the formation of the image. If the nozzle is too narrow, ie if a bottleneck occurs, the entire gaming experience is affected.

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A bottleneck is less likely to occur if modern ingredients are used together, especially if they fall into the same price category.

An example of the bottleneck is when using a card like the GTX 1660 with a processor like the AMD A10 5800K. And when you try to run a game at 1080p resolution, there are very big performance problems. Because the graphics card offers good performance, as opposed to the very low performance of the processor because it is very old.

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