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We.Lock L6SBR: a smart lock with fingerprint

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SmartHome is in fashion and if many think only of televisions, lamps or Alexa, there is much more to explore, since today there is a range of products that allows us to make our home a smarthome.

Today, we are going to talk about a smart lock, the We.Lock L6SBR, namely the model with fingerprint sensor, but also with its own application and also a remote control, which will allow us to access inside the house without the need for any key. This product has the smart lock, as well as all the screws necessary to change your lock to this one. It should be noted that not all locks work, as this model is designed for European locks.

The finishes are of quality, with plastic exterior, but we verify when we install that the interiors are of quality and reliable metal. The equipment weighs 549 grams and will be perfect for use if you want to use it on a home security door. This type of product is very interesting for short-term rental houses, such as AirBNB, or hotels, and time has seen this type of technology being used.

we lock biometric fingerprint uma fechadura inteligente 2

One thing I found interesting was the easy installation of the device, as well as the configuration through the application was also quite easy and intuitive. In order to use the device you will need 3 AAA batteries, which the manufacturer indicates has a duration of more than one year.

To unlock the door, the We.Lock use three options: fingerprint sensor, remote control or the application. Starting with the fingerprint, this device allows adding up to 999 different fingerprints, three for administrator and 996 for user. According to the information provided by the brand, We.Lock has a failure rate using these sensors of 0.01%, and the reading time of your fingerprint is less than 0.5 seconds.

In terms of security, the manufacturer claims that We.Lock has technology to prevent the use of false fingerprints, which is excellent. During our use in fingerprint unlocking, it always worked very well, and out of the hundreds of uses, my fingerprint recognition only failed once.

Another way to unlock is via an RFID card. The tested equipment has three cards that allow unlocking remotely, by pressing the button. We can say that this situation is the closest to a key we have in this solution, which despite being interesting, it will certainly use very few times, and its use is similar to a garage button, for example.

we lock l6sbr uma fechadura inteligente com impressao digital

It is through the smartphone application that we have access to all the functionalities of the device, and, as expected, it is possible to unlock or close the door through the application. And yes, you can do this at work for example, since the device connects to home wifi and, in this way, stays connected.

With the application, you can open the door to, for example, the courier that arrived and, thus, you can leave the order inside the house.

With the internet connection, WeLock also allows integration with the two main personal assistants: Google Assistant or Alexa, from Amazon. We experimented with Google Assistant, which is what I use, and we were able to easily unlock the door by saying “Ok Google, turn on Welock”. You may not appreciate it, but if you are a big user of Alexa or Google Assistant, you will certainly love this feature.

Another feature is the possibility of giving a friend temporary access to the application, so that he can open our home door, when he needs someone to come home when you are not. You can limit the use of the application over time.

If the use of wifi scares you, We.Lock also thought about it and, in this sense, the device performs a unique security circuit each time it is used, even though I tried to force it to open, and when the device checks a illegal entry attempt, the application blocks the logins and deletes the information, so that no one gets access. It is another way for the manufacturer to ensure the safety of your device.

we lock biometric fingerprint uma fechadura inteligente 3

We have been using the product for a few weeks and everything has been going well, and we used it on an apartment door. However, although the manufacturer has other waterproof models, this is not the case with this model, the L6SBR, and it is only possible to use inside and not outside.

In conclusion, we really liked the product, being able to point out the price as the most negative point we found, because otherwise everything worked correctly. It is true that you will find other products on the market and cheaper, but when we are talking about security for our home, we do not want to use any product.

Besides, the installation was easy, the configuration was very intuitive and the application is also enough for what we need. One of the things I was most aware of was the fingerprint sensor, but it only failed once in the dozens of uses I made it, which is a little bit positive. For those who don’t like using fingerprints, there are always three remote controls that allow you to unlock the door without having to use your finger.

Helping, the for a little less than 180 € on the Amazon website, which we already know is also a little more expensive than ordering from China, for example, however, we always have the excellent customer support that we are already used to.

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