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Waze adds Audible to its internal player

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Waze started receiving an update that allows you to access the famous application podcasts, Audible. Now, Audible becomes an additional application that will be part of the player internal audio that Waze has.

So far, there are services like Spotify,, Castbox, Deezer, Padora, TuneIn, Amazon Music, Youtube Music among others. So, Waze is betting on another renowned company to make it easier for us to follow our audiobooks and podcasts using the phone while driving.

The Google subsidiary has integrated Audible into its list of services that are accessible without leaving the application. You simply have to choose Audible as your player after clicking on the musical note symbol on the screen. Of course, to have access to this Audible service, you must have a subscription to be able to hear the audiobooks, podcasts and all other content available in the application.

Waze adds Audible to its internal player

Waze launched its player internal audio system a few years ago, giving the chance that some third-party companies could integrate their services with the navigation application. Waze has already stated that these are in fact true partnerships with the companies participating in its program, because everything will be used in navigation turn-by-turn.

The update where Audible is available for integration with Waze has already started to be made available to customers of the navigation service. To ensure they have access to audibooks on Waze, make sure that the Audible service appears in the list of applications supported by Waze. It is connected in the settings section.

Source: Engadget

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