Ways to reduce Internet consumption on Windows 10

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Ways to reduce Internet consumption on Windows 10 are sought by owners of small packages, even large ones whose owners consume a lot of Internet per month, as it is known that Windows 10 (Windows 10) withdraws a lot of the Internet package per month as a result of continuous updates, we present through this article how Maintaining the Internet package when using a regular computer or laptop.

Ways to reduce Internet consumption on Windows 10

3 Ways to Reduce Internet Consumption on Windows 10 1
6 Ways to Reduce Internet Consumption on Windows 10

The summer vacation period, with not being able to go out much due to the spread of the Covid 19 virus, leads to a lot of Internet consumption in watching YouTube or downloading games, and with this use from a computer, the consumption becomes greater.

Although Windows 10 pulls a lot of the Internet, there are many ways available within it to reduce this consumption a lot, we will go over the steps to implement these methods in detail in the following lines.

Turn off updates on Windows 10

Updates in particular consume a lot of the Internet as a result of the need to download a lot of files, some of which are large in size, and Windows systems have automatic settings set to download updates, so the solution is to change those settings and stop downloading those updates immediately.

This is done through two methods. The first method is to open the Start menu, from which select Settings, or by pressing the window icon on the keyboard at the same time with the letter i.

Enter the Internet and Network (Network & Internet), then we change the network settings (Change Network Properties), and from within it we choose the “Set as Metered Network” mode and turn it on (On).

Metered connection)) is a mode designed in Windows 10 in order to reduce Internet consumption in several ways, the most important of which is, as we mentioned earlier, stopping updates, and preventing applications that run in the background of Windows from running automatically.

3 Ways to Reduce Internet Consumption on Windows 10 2
Ways to reduce Internet consumption on Windows 10

The second way to stop updates for Windows 10 is also by entering the Settings page, then choose Update and security, then go to the advanced settings

(Advanced Options), then Pause Updates, and you can choose a specific date after which the updates will run.

Turning off updates is among the best ways to reduce internet consumption on Windows 10

Determining the amount of Internet consumed

3 Ways to Reduce Internet Consumption on Windows 10 3
Ways to reduce Internet consumption on Windows 10

Excessive use of the Internet may also be the result of spending long periods of time on the Internet without realizing the number of hours you have spent, you may just need a warning or alert that stops you or the person using your computer.

To do this, open the settings from the Start menu as in the first method, or you can also do that by clicking on the word Action Center in the address bar, a group of shortcuts will appear for you, choose among them Settings.

Enter the Network and Internet, from it choose Data Usage, then choose a set limit, then select the network for which you want to limit consumption, specify the usage and number of days, and then save.

Then, whenever you enter the data usage page, you will find that it showed you the data you used and the rest of the amount you specified earlier, and an alert will appear to you when the specified amount of data is near completion.

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Stop hidden internet consumption

3 Ways to Reduce Internet Consumption on Windows 10 4
Ways to reduce Internet consumption on Windows 10

The hidden consumption of the Internet means the consumption of the Internet in the background of Windows, such as some applications that run automatically and rely on the Internet in their work or some applications that update themselves over the Internet, and stopping and updating these programs provides a large part of the Internet package, which is one of the most powerful ways to reduce consumption Internet on Windows 10.

This can be done by opening the settings in any of the aforementioned ways, such as opening the Start menu and choosing Settings from it, then the Internet and Network, including Data Usage, then Background Data, and then choose to turn it off always. .

We learned about the most important ways to reduce Internet consumption on Windows 10, and make the package last throughout the month without problems, choose one solution and try it or use it all if your package ends much earlier than usual.

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