Ways to bypass Android phone lock screen!

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Some people may forget the pattern, code, or password that is used when the phone screen is locked, but often it is difficult to unlock a device without remembering its password, but there are several different methods that enable you to bypass the phone screen lock.

Unfortunately, these methods are not simple, but they are the most effective methods that you can rely on in case you forget your Android phone’s lock screen password, and we hope that they will help you bypass your Android phone lock screen.

What are the ways to bypass Android phone lock screen?

Using the Google Find My Device website

Google provides the identification service for my device for Android phones and as long as you have logged into a Google account on your phone, it will be easy to open the Find My Device site from Google on any other phone or laptop and open the link from here.

Bypass a screen lock

But this method is ineffective for phones running Android 8 and above, but as long as your phone is running Android Nougat at least, this method will do the trick.

After opening the link on the device, you can click on the “Lock” option, and then the site will recognize the device, and if the service is having trouble finding your device, it may take 5 attempts if your phone is compatible.

Ways to bypass the lock screen of an Android phone!  1

The site will ask you to enter a new password. You can type the password twice to confirm it, then click again on the “Lock” button.

After five minutes, you will be able to enter the new password on the screen of your locked phone, which enables you to bypass the Android phone lock screen easily.

Use the “Forgot Pattern” feature

Bypass a screen lock

If your device is running the Android operating system 4 or less, you can rely on the method of forgetting the pattern to be able to bypass the phone screen lock, after 5 failed attempts to unlock the lock, the message “Try again after 30 seconds” will appear, and during this message you can click on the button at the bottom of the screen Forgot Pattern.

Ways to bypass the lock screen of an Android phone!  2

You can choose “Enter Google account details” and then you can enter the Gmail account and password, and then an email will be sent containing your unlock pattern, and then you can set a new pattern.

Factory reset

If you are interested in bypassing the phone screen lock more than preserving any data stored on the phone, you can rely on the factory reset method, but due to the anti-theft and protection of phones from factory settings, you must remember your Google account password, and this method is useful if your phone is released. In 2016 and onwards.

Bypass a screen lock

You can turn off the phone and when the phone screen turns black, you must press and hold the volume down button and the phone unlock button simultaneously, and at that time a list of the Android bootloader menu will appear, and from here you have to press the volume down button twice to select the “Recovery mode” option. Then press the unlock phone button to select it.

Bypass a screen lock

After that, you have to hold down the power button and press the volume up button again and then you have to use the volume buttons to select the factory reset option. factory reset Then press the power button to select it and when finished you have to choose “Reboot system now”.

When unlocking the phone, you will be required to log in with your Google account and password, and then you will be able to access your phone and bypass the phone screen lock.

Override the user interface

If your device is encrypted, there is a way for you to bypass the phone screen lock when you forget the lock screen password, you can rely on bypassing the user interface.

Bypass a screen lock

Click on the emergency call option from the lock screen, then use the call interface to enter 10 stars, then double-click, choose Copy, then return again and paste in the same field with repeating that process to add more characters.

Bypass a screen lock

Return back to the lock screen and open the camera shortcut, and from here you can pull down the notification center and press the settings icon, and then it will ask you for the password. You enter on the interface of your phone.

Those were the best effective way to bypass phone screen lock, share with us the comments about the most effective method for you.

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