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watchOS 8 is official and with news for Health and Fitness

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Apple used a portion of WWDC 2021 to unveil updates and new features coming in watchOS 8. Pre-event rumors haven’t told us much about what Apple might reveal beyond general software improvements, including those that focus on monitoring software. health and that the Apple Watch is a little less dependent on the iPhone.

For now, Apple Watch is still tied to iPhones, as most of what Apple has announced falls into the first category: watchOS 8 will bring a number of new health features, including improved mediation, as well as new data captured during the sleep and additional training modes.

WatchOS 8 enhances the existing features in the Breathe app with a new Mindfulness app that adds new animations and ways to reflect. The latter seems to be a new approach to companion meditation, asking you to do things like think about something you like to do that brings you joy. Accompanied by unique animations, these reflective moments are designed to help you take a break and refocus during peak times.

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Last year, the company introduced sleep tracking on Apple Watch and watchOS 8 expands its initially limited offerings. Now, if you wear the watch to sleep, it will track metrics like bedtime, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and respiratory rate. This makes native sleep tracking much more useful than before, as it previously only monitored the amount of time you spent sleeping per night. All these new data will be in the Health app, so you can check them at any time.

The Workout app won’t get a major overhaul in watchOS 8, but Apple is adding new types of workouts and more routines to the Apple Fitness+ subscription service. All Apple Watch users will see new types of Tai Chi and Pilates workouts in the app this fall, and Fitness + will get a new workout series led by fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins. Fitness+ subscribers will also have access to new “artist highlight” workouts that follow playlists dedicated to Lady Gaga and other music icons.

Apple has announced some updates to watchOs 8 that are unrelated to health and fitness. Chief among them is the new Portraits watch face, which places photos in Portrait mode at the front and center of your watch and overlays data such as data and time. You can customize them to some extent by choosing the photos and the type of data you want to see. The watchOs 8 Photos app will also get a makeover with a new layout that should be easier to navigate on the watch’s small screen and the ability to share photos from Messages and Mail.

Another useful update that will arrive in watchOS 8 will be in Messages. You’ll already be able to respond to messages in a few different ways, but Apple is making Scribble mode a little more flexible. You can use the crown to move the cursor more easily, which will make editing much easier. In addition, the new App Shelf will allow you to do things like add a GIF to your message, something that wasn’t possible before when replying directly from your watch.

Also included in watchOS 8 are updated Find My features, compatibility for digital car keys, support for multiple timers, improved music and weather applications, and more.

The Developer Beta version is available today, while the Consumer Beta version will be available next month. In terms of the update, it should happen in the fall, together with iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and the new iPhones.

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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