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Watch football without interruption: red card for weak Wi-Fi

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Football fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the European Championship, which finally starts on 11 June. All matches from Portugal will be broadcast live on TV for free.

And thanks to the apps currently included in the packages of the main ISPs, it will also be possible to follow the event from devices such as smartphones and tablets. But not all Wi-Fi networks can support this.

Football for a month

The European Championship starts June 11th at 20:00 with Turkey vs Italy and ends with the final game on July 11th at 20:00 in London. This is an entire month of sports entertainment for football fans.

The Portuguese national team will play their first match on June 15 at 17:00 at Puskás Aréna in Budapest, where they will demonstrate their talent against the Hungarian national team.

Watch football without interruption red card for weak Wi Fi

TV and online broadcasting

All matches played by the Portuguese team, and almost half of the rest, will be broadcast free of charge between TVI, SIC and RTP. Matches can be followed on TV or via the apps of the respective channels or major ISPs. This is good news for all streaming fans, as the games will be available on virtually any modern device.

With this convenience, nothing prevents a perfect afternoon of watching football in the garden: especially these days, combining sport with the outdoors is a welcome change for many of us.

Optimize Wi-Fi to watch football

For those who want to follow the championship without Internet, it is possible to tune in using cable, satellite or radio. But most people will prefer to watch the games online, either via IPTV or app, using their own wireless network. This is where the problem of inconsistent Wi-Fi, susceptible to signal loss, comes in. This is because Wi-Fi connections have many natural enemies.

Walls and ceilings, even furniture and plants, not to mention water pipes and other inevitability. Thus, it is not surprising that the distance to the router generally leads to a decrease in the quality of the connection. This becomes a serious problem especially when the plan is to watch football in the garden. Another potential problem occurs when there are a large number of devices on the home network: Wi-Fi can be significantly slower if other family members decide they prefer to watch series or movies while playing.

The solution to all these problems can be found in powerline devices such as devolo’s Magic series. Magic adapters are compact and flexible, so they can be plugged into virtually any electrical outlet and easily extend the router’s range using the home’s mains. Depending on the model, these adapters provide high-speed wired and wireless internet wherever you need it – including modern mesh functionality for particularly stable, secure and reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home, even in the garden.

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Although the adapters are designed for indoor use, their flexibility is perfect for making football nights in the garden possible. Just plug one of them into an outlet protected from the sun and water to enjoy strong Wi-Fi even outdoors, then put them back indoors when the last whistle blows. Network technology has never been easier or more convenient.

devolo Magic and Mesh WiFi 2

The best way to start a secure home network with devolo – indoors or out – is with the Magic 1 WiFi mini Starter Kit, which includes two adapters for 99.90 euros.

The Mesh WiFi 2 Starter Kit, for €249.90, includes mesh WiFi for use in the home or garden. All prices specified are inclusive of VAT and the products mentioned are compatible with each other so that the home network can be flexibly expanded. In addition, devolo offers a three-year warranty on all products.

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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